Consent to Settle

When a claim is brought against you, The Practice Protection Fund will not settle your claim without your consent.

Other Insurance

With our agency partnership we can provide multiple lines of coverage that will meet all of your coverage needs.

Financial Stability
The PPF is a stable non-profit trust fund supported by A rated reinsurance carrier Lloyds of London and is overseen by the LPCF oversight board.
The Practice Protection Fund (PPF) was founded to respond to the gap in coverage availability of the Medical Professional insurance marketplace. A growing number of physicians are being forced to become self-insured or change coverage due to the shrinking number of available carriers that are willing to offer medical professional coverage in Louisiana. As a result, Trinity Insurance Services (a Mandeville, LA based claims and TPA company), along with American Excess Underwriters, have initiated a non-profit trust fund, which is managed by a professional association, the Practice Protection Alliance.
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